Each assocation can have up to 30 groups. A "group" is a group of members of certain common interests; or a special committee working on some defined objectives.

Only "Manager" can start a group. Once a group is started, a new user "GROUPnn" (where "nn" is the group number, 01 to 30) as the group administrator (GA) is automatically created. The GA will be in charge of some functions particular to this group:

There are two kinds of groups:

  1. open group, open to all members of this association
  2. private group, by invitation only
The differences between the two kind can be summarized in the following table:
functionopen groupprivate group
how to join?by member himself or by GAadd by GA
Can outside members see group bulletin board?yesno
Can outside members post to group bulletin board?nono
Can outside members vote in group issues?nono

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