Super Users: Manager, Webmaster, and Treasurer

Gathery will create three superusers for each organization at the time the organization is created. The three superusers are:
  1. Manager:
    The Manager, or System Administrator, is the most powerful member in this organization who will be in charge of the following functions:

  2. Webmaster:
    Webmaster is a technical assistant for the manager. The following functions are specific to the webmaster: All functions of the "webmaster" can also be done by the "manager"; and therefore the "webmaster" is actually a redundant role. The purpose of having a "webmaster" is so that the "manager" can delegate some technical functions to another person.

  3. Treasurer:
    Treasurer is the one in charge of the financial side of the organization. For the purpose of "balance and check", the Treasurer probably should be a separate person from the Manager. The functions of the Treasurer are:



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