What is a custom field?

Gathery has a rich collection of member record fields (first name, last name, street address, phone, cell, pager, fax, email, personal web, ..etc.) for most general purpose organization usage. However, no matter how many fields Gathery can provide, each organization could still needs more record fields specific to that organization. For this purpose, Gathery offers 5 more fields defined by each organization. You, as the Manager, define the meanings of these fields. Also you have control on who is going to be able to access each of these fields: Each field can be one of the 3 types: date, number, or text. In the future, Gathery will provide more reporting capabilities based on the field type.

The Manager can list the custom fields of all members (sub-service in service: "Manager list members").

The Manager can also maintain these custom fields easily by using the service "upload/download DB to/from text file".

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