What is a "creation key"?

The "creation key" is used to control who can join this organization. In many cases, the "manager" will create the entire Gathery database for all the members of this organization. On the other hand, the "manager" could also allow potential members to create their own Gathery records (or "join" this organization) by the members themselves. If you (the "manager") allow members to join by themselves, then you either:
  1. let members to join without any prior approval or control. New members can freely sign on to join your organization themselves and the creation key will not be asked. In this case, you assign "0" to the creation key.
  2. allow only selected people, by invitation, to join themselves. When the new member fills the join form, he will be asked for this creation key. Without this key, he cannot join your organization himself. In this case, you assign a 3 to 7 digit number to this creation key.

If you want all members to be created by the "manager", then keep this key to yourself and don't let others know about it.

Whenever a new member signed on and joined your organization by himself, a trace record will be logged for you. In addition, whenever a member changed his own information (phone, address, etc.), a trace record will also be logged. To see this log, log in as "Manager" and then look for service: