How to upload a Chinese name?

If you have an organization and your members are predominantly Chinese, then you could enter annoucements, messages, member records in some Chinese coding system (e.g., GB or B5). However, in that case you are assuming all your members have similar Chinese software in order to read the Chinese text.

However, most of cases all you need for each member is his Chinese name. In order to be universally readable even without Chinese software, the best way is to convert Chinese names into graphical images. The following is an example of doing a member search for "lin" in a typical Chinese organization:

In the above example, the 3 Chinese names are actually 3 separate files in "gif" format. Gathery allows members to upload their Chinese names in ".gif" graphic format. The gif file of the name must be less than 600 bytes. That means you should use only 2-color, no bigger than 90x18, gif file to represent a name. To upload the name, find the member service:

The above service will only be enabled (for all members) if your organization choose to accept Chinese. To do this, find the following service (in Manager Services): Then inside the organization options form, check "yes" on
Will you need Chinese character in member names?
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